These are recordings from 2013, the first year of the Made of Clay Report heard on Ithaca Community Radio, WRFI.

Dan Aloi

Yousaf Chaman & Ingrid McWilliams

Howard Lieb

Gordon Wagner

Laurie Konwinski and Adam Piasecki

DJ Helen Stride

Mark Stenzler

Bob Riter  

Andy Fitz-Gibbon  

George Frantz

Janelle Alvstad-Mattson

Kyle Franklin

Cora Yao

Garima Singh

Tim Dean

Anise Hotchkiss

Mitch Bobrow

Brenda Kuhn

Marcia Fort

Steve Froehlich

Deb Traunstein

Wade Wykstra

Andrejs Ozolins

Mary Under My Umbrella

Sarah Chalmers Simmons

Richard Gillilan

Pat Dutt

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